IRCC Strategy 2020-2022

Strategy overview

Taking into consideration the background and status quo, as well as the vision and future perspectives of IRCC, the center’s management initiated a strategy-building process since June 2020. It began with providing a short proposal and suggestions to be discussed within the IRCC (personnel and units) as well as with the Minister of Industry and other stakeholders. Since then, it grew with further internal and external consultation, review and iteration, until a draft was submitted to the newly-formed board of directors of IRCC; and after review and modifications the board approved the IRCC Strategy 20-22.

Since its beginning; the strategy-building process was envisioned by the IRCC management as a brainstorming process, one that must involve several actors within and outside IRCC.  That was due to a clear understanding that no plan can be successfully implemented without the commitment of those responsible of its realization, and that real commitment requires a level of sufficient consensus which can only be realized via effective communication and coordination of ideas, proposals, suggestions and initiatives.

The output of this process showed an agreement between most external and internal actors regarding the center’s dire need for reform and investment activities, better phrased as: Structural reform with regards to the center’s internal issues including 3 defined priorities, and Strategic positioning with regards to activities and external relations including 4 defined priorities, in addition to an 8th priority defined separately and focusing on restoring relations with the IRCC partners locally, regionally and internationally. These priorities are highlighted in figure 1.

The Strategy Document
(English summary)

The work plan of the strategy