IRCC Institutes


In the new strategy 2020 -2021; the structure gives them bigger responsibilities, thereby offering every the center’s staff the opportunity to assume managerial and decision-making responsibilities. Tasks and responsibilities are defined by a three-dimensional matrix structure of institutes, offices and programs.

About Institutes

Institutes are of technical and innovative nature. Being IRCC’s research, consultancy and innovative knowledge base, institutes can be considered the engine of the IRCC machine. Institutes are assigned the responsibility of providing and organizing the center’s core staff.

The process of defining and detailing the institutes within the center included studying various proposals, discussions and consultations with the current heads of departments and institutes, in addition to the creation of a committee responsible of naming the institutes. Accordingly, five institutes were defined by this process and each institute will include several programs. In addition to the institutes a number of special units and joint programs operate within the IRCC’s structure.

IRCC Institutes