IRCC Sudan Trade point

Sudan Trade point of the Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCCSTP) :

It is an advanced commercial centre, serving small & medium enterprises via information related to trade services and product promotion. IRCCSTP is one of the trade points which were established in many states of Sudan. It is inaugurated in March 2005. It plays a significant role in raising awareness of electronic commerce among businessmen and small and medium enterprises. In addition to the promotion of trade information, industry and research in global networks.



  • Provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to access new markets and new partners through information network.

  • Participate in the establishment of industrial information bank for the entrepreneurs,investors & artisan.

  • Disseminate culture of information & e-commerce.

  • Dissemination and promotion of scientific research results.

  • promotion and marketing of industrial products through designing and electronic publication.
  • Participate in the scientific research in the electronic commerce.

  • Contributing in abolishing the role of intermediaries in the commercial deals which reduce cost for the benefit of the investor & the consumer.



Sudan Trade Point(STP)


     Sudan trade point was established within the trade point program inaugurated on the 8 th round of united nation conference on trade and development (UNICTAD) in March 1992. The Sudan's national assembly approved the law of Sudan trade point in May 2001. The certificate for full scale participation was obtained in January 2002. The overall objectives is to:

  • Encourage participation, improve and activate international trade with specificial emphasis on small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs ).

  • Access new markets and partner all over the world.


  • Businessmen Association.

  • Businesswomen Association.

  • Artisans.

  • Industrial Association Champers.

  • Research and Training centers .

  • Foreign trade points.

  • Facilitator of SMEs accession to global market.

  • Increase the participation of SMEs in the commercial online activities.

  • SMEs mainstreaming in world trade.

  • Introduce technological and business incubators to the business sphere.

  • Electronic trade opportunities.(demand & Supply).

  • Information about International markets.

  • Consultancy in industry scientific research and technology.

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