Leather Research & Technology Centre



     Leather Research and Technology Center (L.R.T.C) was established in 1963 with a technical assistance from FAO and UNDP. In 1992 the Center was affiliated to Industrial Research and consultancy Center (I.R.C.C) under the Ministry Of Science and Technology.


  1.  Leather processing.
  2. Footwear and Leather goods .
  3. Leather processing materials.
Research Progrm
  •  Improvement of artisan tanning of sheep and goat skins.

  •  Reduction of four stages of tanning process by using concentrated chromium solution.


    The main functions of LRTC are:

  • To carry out R&D to improve quality of leather and leather goods.

  • Research in clean technology in leather processing sector.

  • Utilization of local materials in tanning process to replace imported materials.

  • New designs of footwear and leather goods.

  • Improvement of artisan tanneries.

  •  Technology transfer and improvement of local technology.

  • Training courses covering the whole spectrum of   leather industry.

  • Cooperation and collaboration with national, regional and international
         partners to set plans, programmes to develop the leather industry sector.

  • Collection and dissemination of information of leather industry.

Contact US
  • Eng. Samia hamid Mohamed Elamin

  • : 5008. –Khartoum SUDAN

  •  : +249-1-85-0154928360

  •  : +249-1-85-0154928361

  •  : nltc_sudan@yahoo.com

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