There is no doubt that global changes have created an urgent need to create clusters and building partnerships for development goals. Partnerships are characterized by mutual benefits to each party as well as an effective means to bridge the gaps in resources and the transfer of expertise. Accordingly, since the establishment of the Center, it has realized the need to expand its network of partners through activating the role of the Center in the area of foreign relations in order to strengthen its position at the local, regional and international levels, through the creation of partnership and twinning programs with similar bodies at regional and international levels, and create opportunities for exchange visits, participation in international conferences and events. Strengthen the academic relations between the Center and the academic and research institutions, locally, regionally or internationally to achieve integrated solutions to the various stakeholders, and contribute to the integration of efforts towards development and construction of knowledge through projects and joint research.
These partnerships are crucial for the Center in achieving its objectives and plans. So the center has built a broad network of partnerships at all levels through conventions, memorandums of understanding or participating in the specialized committees.

Internal partnerships
  • Governmental partners:

    the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Development, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Trade, Registrar of Intellectual Property, the River Nile, The Sudanese specifications and Metrology Organization, Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad, University of Sudan for Science and Technology , University of Ahfad, University of Al azhari, the National Center for information, the National Council for small-scale industries and crafts

    Non-governmental partners:

    the Union of Sudanese Businessmen. The Union of Industrial Chambers. Practical Action Organization. Society for Consumer Protection. Union of craftsmen. The UNESCO Chair of the Environment and sea, Computerman University, Chair of Women in Science and Technology, University of Sudan. The Nile Center for Research Technology. DAL group.

International and Regional Partnerships
  • The IRCC is a member of the commission on science and technology for sustainable development in the south (COMSATS), and one of the centers of excellence in the COMSATS.

  • IRCC is the representative of the Sudan and the focal point of the committee on industrial research centers in the Arab world, and member of the committee of technological information in the Arab world in the Arab organization for Industrial development and mining (AIDMO).

  • The focal point of the organization of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the field of technical and industrial information.

  • Member of the Secretariat of COMESA in Sudan.

  • Member of the WAITRO.

  • The IRCC is hosting UNESCO chair for the transfer of technology in Sudan.

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