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     The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC), is the main Research Institution in Sudan

that focuses on Industrial Research and Consultancy to the Sudanese Industry. 

IRCC is active in several research, technological and consultancy directions, such as Industrial Information, Product Design, Technology and Production Line Design, Quality Assurance, Economic and Feasibility Studies and Industrial Process Modeling. The Activities of IRCC address all directions of Sudanese Industry and cover the entire spectrum of its consultancy needs,  contributing  to sustainable development.

Our vision for IRCC, consistent with its growth, is to be a leader in R&D of Innovative Industrial Technologies. IRCC aims to be a productive and reliable partner of Sudanese Industry. Up to date IRCC has proven to be a significant contributor at the national level and has established strong relationships both local and international levels.

As IRCC continues to develop, to contribute strongly and to produce innovative results applicable at national,regional and International Level, we invite you to visit the  pages of our newly developed web site in order to become familiar  with IRCC, our achievements, activities and news.

We are looking forward to working together with any industrial partner or academic partner interested in our projects, results and services.

Director General, IRCC



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     IRCC is member of the network of centers of excellence of The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS).

Consultants with wide knowledge & Specialization
  •  Techo-conomic feasibility study.

  •  Comprehensive quality assurance and control.

  •  Market information.

  •  Maintenance and modernization of production lines.

  •  Applied research.

News and Events
Sudan Trade Point

     Sudan trade point was established within the trade point program inaugurated on the 8 Th round of united nation conference on trade and development (UNICTAD) in March 1992

The Sudan's national assembly approved the law of Sudan trade point in May 2001.


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