Food Industries Research Department


     Is one of the specialized departments of IRCC. The department is dedicated to initiating and promoting appropriate approaches to the food industries through applied research and utilization of local raw material

Research Programs
  •  Establishment of industrial microbes bank.

  •  Study of storage properties of food products.

  •  Production of citric acid from sugar cane molasses.

  • Effect of dehydration on certain food products (flafel).

  • Air borne microbe in food processing establishment.

  • Validity of edible oil packed in plastic containers.

  • Improvement of the sesame bread quality by natural additives.

  •  Provide quality assurance services to the industrial sector.

  •  Conduct feasibility studies and project appraisal.

  •  Development of technical know how and skills.

  •  Raising nutritional awareness and  upgrading products for food industries.

  •  Training personnel in food industries sectors & universities graduates.

Way Forward

     The national and technical scientific reference for the food industries. Play an important role in promoting the transfer of technology in addition to food safety and quality assurance.

  •  Oil & Fats.

  •  Sugar and Cereal Technology.

  •  Biotechnology.

  • Dairy & Meat technology.

  • Food processing & food additives.

Contact US
  • Dr. Zubeida Mohamed elsaid abdeldaim
    Head Department

  •  :

  •  : +249-1-85-0313750


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