The Industry Economies Research s Department (IERD)



     The Industry Economies Research Department (IERD) was formed within the IRCC since 1965. IRCC has adopted the multidisciplinary approach in conducting assignments and applied research.

(IERD) is adopting the main objectives of the IRCC, which is the developing of industry in Sudan , the submission of studies & consultancy, necessary industrial services and upgrading the industrial knowledge for technological and economical development in industry.

  • Research & development of the Industrial Macro Economy.

  • Research & Development of the Industrial Management.

  • Research & Development of the SME's & Rural Areas.

Research Progrm
  • Balanced Industrial development in Sudan

  • The Role of Regional Market in the Industrial Exports Development(Case study COMESA & GAFTA).

  • The efficiency of the plant oils industry in Sudan.

  • Textile Industry problems in Sudan survey.

  • Conducting Applied Industrial economic Research.

  • Conducting feasibility studies for existing and potential industry projects.

  • Offering consultancy services in all the economic fields that lead to the industrial development.

  • Design & implementation of management, marketing costing, Financial, accounting and store control and development systems.

  • Economic evaluation of fixed and current assets of the industrial sectors various firms.

  • Carry out local and industrial market survey.

  • Participation in the National Committees and commissions, e.g. WTO.

  • Contribution on the capacity building programs of the industrial Human Resource.

  • Participation in the different strategic committees for industrial development.

Way Forward

     The Department is planning to establish a new section for the future studies.

Contact US
  • Dr. Amal Mohamed Siddig

  •  Head Department

  •  :

  •  : +249 85 313751

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