Chemical Industries Research Department


     Chemical Industries Department has been started right from the inception of the Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre in 1965.
The department tackles research as an important tool to improve the state of the sector in chemical industries sector.
The department is equipped with a multidisciplinary specialization related to chemical material & manufacturing process. Since 2006 it renamed as Chemical Industries Research Department, and it is divided into four Sections.

Research Projects
  •  Improvement of the properties of the local bentonite for well drilling & foundries.

  •  Production of technical grade sodium carbonate from different local trona ores.

  •  Production of Eucalyptus oil from locally growing Eucalyptus species in relation to chemotaxonomy of the trees.

  • Recycling of polyolefin’s wastes.

  • Environmentally friendly pulping of prospischilensis & calotropis procera.

  • Design of mobile unit or waste paper recycling

  • Process development for Biodesiel production.

  • Dry punfication of local Trona ores(cyclore Technology).

  •  Industrial utilization of raw materials based on R&D projects.

  •  Upgrading the quality assurance for the manufactured products.

  •  Techno economic feasibility studies for establishment of new factories.

  •  Evaluation of existing factories.

  •  Training courses in the areas of specialization.

  • Transfer of technology.

Way Forward


     Chemical industries competitive in the global business environment. Yield the competitive advantages of this sector depend on collaborative efforts between private sector, government, and academic sector.


  •  Pharmaceuticals Industries Research section.

  •  Industual chemical products Research section.

  •  Polymers Research section.

  • Pulp & Paper Research section.

Contact US
  • Dr. Siham Yaagoub Ahmed Erwa

  •  Head Department

  • :
  •  : +249 85 313751

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